About Us

M.R. Snyder Company is a system integrator who has designed and built industrial drive and control systems in many industries for over 60 years.  We provide new and retrofits of coordinated drive and process control systems.

We are partnered with Siemens as a Siemens Solution Partner to bring you industry leading products, systems, and service. Let us show you how "Totally Integrated Automation" can work for you.

Services We Offer

-  Control System Retrofits                                                         -  System Commissioning                                                -  AutoCAD

-  New System Design                                                                   -  Training                                                                                  -  Documentation

-  Electrical Design                                                                          -  24/7 Support                                                                      -  UL Panel Shop

-  PE's on staff                                                                                    -  Remote Internet Support                                             -  Programming