M.R. Snyder Company

Industrial Drive & Control Systems

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Distribution Products

M.R. Snyder Company is a distributor for selected products of excellence. We distinguish ourselves from other distributors by only selling products in which we personally have expertise. We have developed this product expertise by building industrial control systems using the same products we sell as a distributor. This means our engineers can provide practical hands-on advice to your purchase decision. Give us the information on what you require and we will help you select the right components. We provide competitive pricing along with the service and support you deserve.

Baldor - Reliance
AC & DC Motors & Drives, Inverter Duty, General Purpose, Medium Voltage
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Avtron Encoders
Industrial Encoders, Magneto-Resistive, Bearingless, C-Face, Thru-Shaft (replaces Dynapar, Northstar, Lakeshore, BEI)
Cleveland Kidder
Web Tension Controls, Tension Transducers, Controllers
Gear Reducers, Helical-Bevel, Concentric, Worm Helical, Inverter Duty Gear Motors
Power Transmission Products, Gear Reducers, Couplings, Bearings, Sheaves, Belts
Marathon Electric
AC Inverter Duty Motors, General Purpose Motors, Explosion Proof Motors
Red Lion
HMI, Touch Panels, Process Controls, Panel Meters, Sensors
AC Variable Frequency Drives (formerly EMS, Magnetek, IDM, Saftronics)
Reuland Electric
AC Synchronous Motors, Custom Motors, Brake Motors, Crane & Hoist Brake Parts
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