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Improve your production automation systems

M.R. Snyder Company optimizes industrial drive and control systems, both new and retrofit, via customized industry-specific automation and web-handling solutions.

M.R. Snyder does tidy panel work
The right choice

M.R. Snyder Company keeps you in control of speed, tension, and winding.

No one does it better. We are experienced experts that can keep your systems running reliably so that production costs stay low.

We all work for production

Our goal at M.R. Snyder Company is to build long-term partnerships with our customers and vendors so that we can provide industry-leading, cost-competitive solutions.

24/7 Support & Assistance

For all systems we implement, M.R. Snyder Company offers around the clock customized support, onsite and remotely.

Over 75 Years in Business​

Providing quality solutions for faster, smoother production and control systems, backed by over 75 years of hands on experience.

Siemens Solution Partner​

Certified Siemens Solution Partner in Automation, Drives, and Safety, a globally recognized status, since 2004.

Confidence & Trust

Our team has P.E. certified engineers and expert panel builders so you can count on us to optimize and empower the backbones of your business.

Technical Distributor

Give us information on what you require & we will help you select the right components. M.R. Snyder Company provides competitive pricing along with the service and support you deserve.

Listed U.L. Panel Shop

Our technicians are experts at building quality panels, both in functionality and service aility; built to NEC, UL508a and UL698a requirements.

Confidence is what we sell

Providing solutions across many industries

We don't take on projects we don't know how to do. We don't mislead customers with overly optimistic timelines. We provide accurate proposals based on specifications, knowledge, and experience, to help manage your budget by minimizing change orders. Every employee in our company knows how important this is, and our work reflects it.
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It's all in the solution

Leading automation innovation

M.R. Snyder Company provides solutions that increase efficiency and productivity via coordinated drives and control systems for a wide range of industries.


Distributing products of excellence through personal expertise

M.R. Snyder Company is a distributor for several products of excellence. We distinguish ourselves from other distributors by only selling products in which we personally have expertise in.

Avtron™ Encoders

Heavy/Mill Duty Industrial Encoders | Magneto-Resistive | C-Face | Bearingless | Thru-Shaft


Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) | AC & DC Drives | PLC | HMI | SCADA | Ethernet | Safety

*We sell Siemens components, per the Siemens Solution Partner guidelines.*


AC Variable Frequency Drives | Vector Drives | Pump & Fan Drives | Enclosed Drives

Quality Assured

Products Proudly Distributed
by M.R. Snyder Company

M.R. Snyder Company has developed product expertise by building industrial control systems using the same components we sell as a distributor. This means our engineers can provide practical hands-on advice and input to your purchase decision.

Provide us information on what you require and we will help you select the right components. M.R. Snyder Company provides competitive pricing along with the service and support you deserve.

Our product experts are ready to help

Service Overview

Achieve faster, smoother
production & control systems

We develop creative, comprehensive, and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where society can thrive.

Top to bottom, reliable solutions.

At M. R. Snyder Company, we go the extra mile to deliver quick solutions that provide fast results.

Systems Integration

Stay ahead with automation and web-handling solutions designed by M.R. Snyder Company to ensure all components within your systems are connected and running synchronously.

Custom Panels

No matter the size of space, climate, or preferred manufacturer to use, M.R. Snyder Company designs, builds, and delivers quality electrical control panels. U.L. labeled per request.


For all systems that we implement, our team offers around the clock assistance with identifying issues and providing insight on quick resolutions.


We provide you the ability to gain access to the same products of excellence that we use within our own builds, from the same manufacturers that we utilize!

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We provide many services, and are not limited to one industry. To learn more about what we can do for your business, view our full service breakdown.

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Let’s build something powerful together.

Our team at M.R. Snyder Company appreciates your understanding of the global shipping delays currently being experienced by many industries. We work very hard to ensure we stay on track with the targeted time for product delivery for both your projects and ours, however we are facing delays and deliveries may be delayed.