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Providing Solutions Across Your Industry

Confidence is the #1 product we sell.

We don't take on projects we don't know how to do.
We don't mislead customers with overly optimistic timelines.

We provide accurate proposals based on specifications, knowledge, and experience, to help manage your budget by minimizing change orders.

Every employee in our company knows how important this is, and our work reflects it.


The metal industry is one of the most versatile industries. M.R. Snyder Company perfects Level 1 solutions that cover every detail so that top performance is achieved, despite extreme working conditions. We tailor solutions surrounding:

Rolling Mills, Tension Levelers, Slitters, Melter, Casters, and Loop Layering


The paper industry stays in constant demand, from pulp to converting, M.R. Snyder Company will keep you ahead. We tailor solutions including:

Machine Drive & Control Systems, Slitters, Winders, Pumps,  and Fans


With films having a plethora of physical properties, M.R. Snyder Company tailors solutions surrounding:

Extrusion, Converting, Casting, Coating, Drawing, Winding, and Slitting


Whether it is natural or synthetic, M.R. Snyder Company keeps textile production running smoothly by providing solutions including:

Dye & Finishing Ranges, Wash Ranges, Winders, Beamers, and Slashers

Fiber & Tape

From heat processing to loading roller systems, the fiber and tape industry requires precise solutions to keep their production flowing. M.R. Snyder Company tailors solutions including:

CP, Extrusion, Drawing, Spinning, Winders, Twisters, and Beamers


The non-woven industry was the original, main industry that M.R. Snyder Company worked with upon opening. Just like then, we are still committed to providing top solutions including:

Line Drive & Process Controls, Winders, Extruders, and Slitters


The tire manufacturing industry has faced major impact over the years. M.R. Snyder Company helps the tire industry stay on track via solutions including:

Drive & Control Systems, Extruders, Calendars, Conveyors, and Winders


M.R. Snyder Company will be happy to evaluate your system and figure out whether we can generate a quality solution to help improve your production situation. We will only take a job if we are confident we can do it right.

M.R. Snyder Company can support equipment that uses gas burners in many industries. All design, maintenance, and repair services are completed with expert knowledge of codes NFPA 54, 56, 86, and of course, the 70 series.