A large paper line processes recycled wet pulp into a final paper product

M.R. Snyder Company was called in to upgrade the drives on a paper machine undergoing modification to enhance product mix. New Yaskawa GA800 and A1000 drives, ranging in size from 15 HP to 900 HP, were selected for the job. The drives were mounted and installed in a custom designed e-house specifically made for this project. Use of an e-house greatly reduced the customer’s required time for installation. The drives in this system were coordinated by a Siemens PLC over Profibus. M.R. Snyder Company handled fabrication of the e-house, commissioning of the drives, and performed all required PLC/HMI changes required to integrate the new drives into the system.

Project Description

  • Replacement of DC drives and motors to enhance the capability and reliability of the mainline
  • Over 1400 Connected HP
  • Packaged into an e-house to save installation time and money
  • Safety enhancements for winder
  • Project Value Range: $500K to $1M

Technology Utilized

  • Existing Siemens 300 series PLCs reprogrammed to accommodate new drives/process
  • Programmed in older Siemens STEP 7 software environment to accommodate existing architecture
  • Existing DC drives upgraded to Yaskawa A1000 (large HP units) and GA800 (smaller HP)
  • Profibus communications used to satisfy customers’ desire to keep the existing network
  • E-House was custom built and air-conditioned to accommodate dimensional and environmental requirements
  • Safety enhancements on winder accomplished with separate Siemens S71200F safety processor to allow a flexible response to different safety inputs