We are a distributor of the same high quality products and components we use in building our industrial control systems.


Our years in business have allowed us to work with the best products and manufacturers in the industry. With this expertise under our belt, we offer these same products to our customers. This means our engineers can provide practical hands-on advice and input to your purchase decision.

Provide us with information on what you require, and we will help you select the right components. M.R. Snyder Company provides competitive pricing along with the service and support you need.

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Let us know what you need and we will help you select the right components.


M.R. Snyder Company is an independent system integrator and distributor who has been carefully selected by the manufacturers below based on our proven capabilities and history of success.


M.R. Snyder sells Siemens components, per the Siemens Solution Partner guidelines.

Siemens Solution

M.R. Snyder is a Certified Siemens Solution Partner in automation, drives, and safety, a globally recognized status, since 2004.

Siemens Solution Partners are independent system integrators carefully selected by Siemens based on their proven capabilities and history of success. The global program sets industry leading standards and requires annual training, testing, and certification to assure customers that they are getting best-in-class, product, system integration, and industry expertise. Solution partners provide Siemens and their distributors a competitive advantage in their markets by providing responsive, successful, and competitive solutions to their customers.

M.R. Snyder Company is a Siemens Solution Partner for coordinated & standalone drives and process control & automation solutions. We specialize in web handling & converting systems. M.R. Snyder has the engineering expertise to apply Siemens technology to your project. Combining this industry-leading technology with M.R. Snyder’s experience, responsiveness, and competitiveness assures the customer’s success.

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M.R. Snyder Company has developed product expertise by building industrial control systems using the same components we sell as a distributor.