Four Deck Rotary Press with Pneumatic Unwind and Driven Surface Rewind

M.R. Snyder Company was contacted by a company who was struggling with an old and difficult to support control system. The press had different manufacturers for the control PLC, the drives, and the proprietary safety system as well. M.R. Snyder replaced these with a single, easy to support, totally integrated Siemens platform. The new system used a Siemens S7-1500 safety PLC, Siemens G120 drives, and Siemens Comfort Panel touchscreens. The new devices were retrofit into existing customer enclosures. M.R. Snyder oversaw and implemented all phases of the electrical upgrade.

Project Description

  • Retrofit of existing separate PLC and safety PLC, combined into one unit
  • Upgraded obsolete drives
  • Performed drive control, brake control, air temperature control, and safety functions in the PLC
  • Achieved SIL3 rating on system with drives ranging from 5HP to 75HP
  • Retrofit install of automation system with existing field components and absolutely no wiring documentation
  • Project Value Range: $100K to $300K

Technology Utilized

  • Programmed in Siemens TIA Portal environment
  • Siemens 71513F-1 PN safety PLC interfaced with Comfort Panel HMI
  • Siemens Sinamics G120 vector drives were provided
  • Communications were Profinet