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Integrators Of Industrial Drives and Process Control Systems Located In Monroe, NC

SINCE 1945

M.R. Snyder is an industrial drive and control system integrator founded in 1945. Over the decades, we have worked with a wide range of industries, including film, fiber, textile, paper, metals, non-wovens, and wire & cable. We are also a Siemens Certified Solution Partner, as well as the exclusive distributor of Avtron-Nidec for the Carolinas.


Each member of the M. R. Snyder team comes from a diverse background and has a unique skillset. We believe in collaborative innovation amongst our team, so that we can provide the best coordinated drive and process control systems for our customers. M.R. Snyder employs engineers, including electrical PE’s, panel fabrication technicians, a technical support team, and experienced customer sales and service personnel.

CHARLES CLINEOwner/President
JOE ANDERSONOwner/Senior Engineer
M.R. Snyder Staff



Named after our founder, Marshall Robert “Fip” Snyder, M. R. Snyder Company opened its doors in Charlotte in 1945. Fip’s father had worked for Reeves Pulley Company of Indiana. At the time, Reeves Pulley Company was among the first to make variable speed mechanical drives.

During the 1970s, M.R. Snyder Company was a distributor for the furniture and textile industries. And M.R. Snyder was passed on to its second-generation owners, Foy Pratt and Dick Wrenn.

Heading into the 1990s, Foy recognized that to compete in their market, M.R. Snyder Company would need to provide additional services. The company made the shift from sole distribution of products to offering full system packages. By 2001, M.R. Snyder Company was being run by its third-generation owners, Bill Flanders and Charles Cline. Foy’s faith, combined with their dreams fueled M.R. Snyder to build and evolve into the company it is today.

On September 11th, 2001, a national tragedy occurred. This tragedy led to a recession and businesses all over the country were challenged, including M.R. Snyder. Bill and Charles realized it was time for a change: they would have to target new markets if they wanted to stay in business. In 2003, an aluminum sheet manufacturer asked M.R. Snyder to supply a drive control system for a Tension Leveler machine. This was the company’s introduction to the metals industry. This sparked expansion to many new markets, including paper, tires, glass, and more.

The expansion and M.R. Snyder’s engineering expertise caught the attention of Siemens. This led to M.R. Snyder becoming a Systems Solution Partner for Siemens. And initiated interest in offering a totally integrated system solution – Drives, PLC, and HMI – all in one package.

In 2004, Joe Anderson came into the picture. His company, Custom Controls, merged with M.R. Snyder Company. Bill, Charles and Joe became equal owners. Prior to the merger, Custom Controls offered electrical design, panel building, and programming for M.R. Snyder systems.

M.R. Snyder provided product, commissioning, and tech service for the systems. The merger created one seamless operation.

In 2016, M.R. Snyder Company moved from Charlotte, NC to our current, larger facility in Monroe, NC. The ability to adapt, persevere and overcome any situation has been a common theme for M.R. Snyder Company. From the 1940s until today, we always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that all your system integration has an unrivaled performance quality.



8:00am – 5:00pm M-F



8:00am – 5:00pm M-F