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Industrial Drive & Control Systems

When it comes to making variable speed drives and web-handling systems perform at their optimal levels, M. R. Snyder Company stands above the competition by also excelling at auxiliary line functions and general automation. Our primary automation products are Allen Bradley, Siemens and Yaskawa.

Complete Turnkey Solutions
M. R. Snyder Company designs, builds, programs and commissions systems tailored to meet any specified requirements.

Component & Hardware Identification
Not sure of what makes up your system, or what is does? Let the experts at M. R. Snyder Company evaluate what you have and let you know what you need. It is what we do! M. R. Snyder Company can identify suitable replacement components for obsolete drives and PLC’s.

Coordinated AC & DC Drive Systems
No one does it better! M. R. Snyder Company has been doing drives since 1945, back when they were variable speed mechanical. M. R. Snyder Company has extensive experience with general drive and web-handling applications. Originally textile based, we have expanded to fiber, film, glass, metals, paper and rubber. M. R. Snyder Company are also experts at tension control, speed control and winding applications.

Custom Engraving & Labeling
Want to have quality, custom wire tags and panel labeling without any hassle? M. R. Snyder Company can easily help with our in-house custom engraving and labeling capabilities, and we offer shipping.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) & SCADA
M. R. Snyder Company develops HMI and SCADA applications as needed for customer systems. M. R. Snyder Company primarily working with Siemens WinCC and AB Factory Talk applications, however we can tailor to any requirements as needed.

PE Design & Custom Panel Fabrication
M. R. Snyder Company has licensed Professional Engineers on our team and are a certified UL listed panel building shop. Our panel building technicians are experts at building top-notch panels, both in aesthetics and functionality. M. R. Snyder Company builds to NEC, UL508a and UL698a requirements.

PLC Programming
M. R. Snyder Company specializes in all types of PLC Programming including: Ladder Diagram (LD), Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST) and Instruction List (IL). Our programs are simple and easy to follow. Unlike other companies, when the project is finished, M. R. Snyder Company gives the code to you. M. R. Snyder Company wants you to be able to support and own your equipment.

Retrofits & Upgrades for Existing Systems
M. R. Snyder Company specializes in updating outdated control systems to provide superior capability and reliability. In fact, over 75% of our work falls into this category. M. R. Snyder Company can create a replacement system regardless of the level of documentation available.

Safety Systems
Protect your business, employees and self by staying on top of preventative measures that avoid hazards and mistakes. M. R. Snyder Company works closely with our vendors to ensure that all safety hazard risks are eliminated by providing risk assessment and safety component recommendations.

SCADA Systems
M. R. Snyder Company can easily help you maintain your SCADA system so that you can monitor and control field devices at your remote sites. Our team can help process the real-time data that is collected from the SCADA system and make sure that you are running efficiently.

Feeling tense? M. R. Snyder Company provides top notch web-handling that utilizes tension control equipment to transport the web through process machinery flawlessly.


Evaluation of Application
Gain perspective and deeper understanding of all fundamental requirements associated with your upcoming projects when M. R. Snyder Company completes our thorough assessment. We confidently discuss the process and what it takes to get any job done in detail to ensure valuable results.

In-House Programming & Testing
From start to finish, M. R. Snyder Company pilots all systems being built in-house to ensure optimal functionality. M. R. Snyder Company tests whenever possible to deliver green light IO drive systems.

Installation & Maintenance: Emergency\Preventative
Stay on top within your industry by servicing your machines regularly. M. R. Snyder Company reduces downtime by regularly checking your drive systems to ensure that all components are optimally running.

Remote Internet Support
With your choice of hardware and software technique applied, M. R. Snyder Company offers various forms of remote internet support to keep your systems running optimally.

Start-up & Commissioning
Per the requested specifications of speed and tension within your project build needs, M. R. Snyder Company debugs, tunes and calibrates all newly built drives and load-cells to ensure that the program functions as intended.

Become the expert! M. R. Snyder Company can provide instructive insight for your team that promotes unparalleled understanding of the equipment being used on the system provided.

When production is being challenged, M. R. Snyder Company figures out what is causing the issue and how to fix and prevent it from occurring again.

24/7 Assistance & Support
Our goal is to provide around the clock assistance for our customers. M. R. Snyder Company always has staff in the office to answer during the day. When we are closed we have staff on call, ready to provide solutions during our closed hours. Day or night, weekday or weekend, you can rely on M. R. Snyder Company.


For any questions you may have regarding ability, application or quality, our team at M. R. Snyder Company are fully versed and ready to answer. M. R. Snyder Company only distributes and recommends products that we are familiar with and have used within our own projects.

Our engineers always provide practical hands-on advice for all your purchase decisions. We fight to guarantee fast system solutions for your business.

M. R. Snyder Company is a Siemens Solution Partner and is also adept at implementing Rockwell and Yaskawa automation. We are a technical distributor for many quality products that we integrate into our systems.

M. R. Snyder Company is also the only distributor of Avtron-Nidec for the Carolinas.

For more information on M. R. Snyder distribution services, contact our company’s Inside Sales Specialist, Jeremy Edwards.

Brands Proudly Distributed & Used by M. R. Snyder Company
M. R. Snyder proudly distributes Leuze Electronic
M. R. Snyder proudly distributes Marathon Motors
M. R. Snyder proudly distributes Yaskawa

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