Full Equipment Life Maintenance Program


With our maintenance program, M.R. Snyder offers customers on-site support on a routine basis for equipment monitoring, maintenance, training, minor modifications, and assistance with performance issues. Whether your company needs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly support, we will customize a program to meet your needs.

Our Full Equipment Life Maintenance Program customers are provided with a dedicated call-in number for support, reduced service rates, and prioritization for response. Our support hours are 7am-10pm, 7 days per week.

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Reduce Downtime And Ensure A High Level Of Performance!


Industrial Automation Troubleshooting
  • “Proactive” support, rather than reactively responding to issues
    • Provides the lowest probability basis for failures
    • Positions your company to quickly correct problems when they occur
    • Ensures equipment repairs are as inexpensive as possible
    • Guarantees recommended maintenance procedures are followed for drives and controls (i.e., periodic fan replacement on drives)
  • Engineers are on-site to optimize the operation of equipment, as well as minimize the likelihood and impact of equipment failures
    • Execution of remote support capability
    • Implementation of equipment data trending and collection
    • Recognition of otherwise-missed equipment problems
    • Application of equipment improvements through direct interaction with operators and maintenance technicians
    • Expert support for web handling and controls equipment… not just M.R. Snyder Company supplied equipment
  • Reduced hourly rate for maintenance activities based on negotiated contract

Our Maintenance Program Encompasses Three Facets:

1. Customer Training: Improving the customers’ ability to support their own equipment (the first and best line of defense!).

    • Maintenance training on all supported equipment (basics of diagnostics and replacement); Both with demo units and on customer’s equipment
    • Development of site-specific procedures for critical device replacement
    • Spare equipment survey and update (don’t let long lead times cause equipment downtime)
    • Ensure all drives/PLC’s/HMI’s/other intelligent devices have accessible backup files
    • Confirm procedures exist for all complex device replacement
    • Implementation of all recommended preventive maintenance procedures

2. Remote Support: When feasible, remote support will provide the most immediate support option, when option 1 is not sufficient.

    • Implement on-line support capability – Install device/cables/software as required to allow
    • Provide wireless laptop support for devices not accessible through main remote support
    • Reduce cost to customer by eliminating travel time and mileage charges

3. On-site Support: When options 1 and 2 do not correct the issue, we will arrange for on-site support.

    • This support will be at a reduced rate vs. our standard support rate
    • In the unlikely case that M.R. Snyder is unable to provide a technician on-site, we will arrange through our partners the quickest support possible (manufacturer, distribution network, other)
Automation and Control Systems Maintenance


Reduce Downtime And Ensure A High Level Of Performance!