Web handling is the process of moving continuous webs of materials through the various stages of production, including winding or unwinding, printing, laminating, coating, or slitting. A cohesive web handling system involves tensioning, coating, alignment, and more.

Control system integration for web handling applications involves connecting components and subsystems for the efficient handling of continuous webs of materials, such as paper, metal, film, and textiles. In order to optimize the process and achieve a high level of productivity, the integrator must have comprehensive knowledge to combine mechanical, electrical, and software components.

Having the right equipment is the basis for having a successful control system; however, that’s not all you need. Working with a highly skilled and experienced integration company is critical to not only having a functional control system, but also having an effective, safe, and optimized one.

Control system integrators are experts that make certain your control system works seamlessly with your production line. A good integrator will set-up the system and optimize the operation. Once it is up and running, they will make sure it continues to perform at the highest level with minimal downtime.

A good integrator will also:

  • Handle the commissioning process of your new system
  • Continually evaluate your system to ensure optimum performance
  • Recommend new spare parts, when needed
  • Train your staff in the maintenance of your equipment.

A successful control systems integration initiative centers on two critical elements:

Experience – A skilled control systems integrator with extensive experience is vital. These experts understand the intricacies of integrating various subsystems. They bridge the gap between processes and technologies, ensuring seamless flow through production.

Collaboration and Strategy – Working in partnership with all project participants helps to develop a strong solid strategy for the system. This assures that design decisions made at the beginning of the project align with the overall mission. Input from various team members goes a long way to ensure a successful integration.

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